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Proposed FOIA Ballot Initiative

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In light of our extensive involvement in Arkansas 2 A matters dating back to the 1980s, it is of utmost importance to Gun Owners of Arkansas that we have access to the records of individuals arrested for firearm-related offenses. This is why we wholeheartedly endorse these initiated acts.

In the past, even with the old freedom of information statutes, we have encountered instances where agencies either withheld or outright refused to provide information that, by law, should have been made public. This issue highlights the necessity for change.

Therefore, we kindly urge you to consider requesting a petition and help obtain signatures for this initiative among the voters. You can either reach out to Gun Owners of Arkansas through the provided link in the comments or get in touch with Mr. Jimmie Cavin or Joey McCutchen at McCutchen Napurano Law Firm. The contact details are as follows:

McCutchen Napurano Law Firm
P. O. Box 1971, 1622 North B Street
Ft Smith, Ar 72901
Office (479)783-0036

Statement from Jimmy Cavin:

The “Arkansas Government Disclosure Amendment of 2024” and the “Arkansas Government Disclosure Act” are complementary proposals that aim to enshrine citizens’ right to government transparency in our State Constitution.
The Amendment specifically establishes government transparency as a fundamental right for Arkansas citizens and prohibits the General Assembly from passing any laws regarding government transparency without the approval of the people through a vote.
The Act, on the other hand, safeguards citizens’ interest in government transparency by legislating measures that enhance transparency and ensure accountability for those in government who undermine this vital interest. Violators of these laws will face substantial personal financial penalties.
Notable provisions of the Act include:
1. Clearly defining a public meeting to ensure that all deliberations and decision-making processes related to public affairs are conducted openly and in the presence of the public. This will prevent decisions from being made behind closed doors, away from the public eye.
2. Establishing a Citizen Commission dedicated to addressing grievances of any citizen who has been denied their rights under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. This avenue for redress is cost-free for citizens, removing the burden of filing a civil action in court, which has traditionally been the only recourse.
3. Introducing strict penalties, amounting to $1,000.00, for individuals intentionally violating the laws outlined in the AFOIA. Importantly, these penalties cannot be paid using taxpayer money and must be borne by the offender themselves.
The Amendment and Act have been developed with the ethos of being “Of The People, By The People, For The People.”
Yours sincerely,
Jimmie Cavin
Concerned Citizen and Ballot Co
(501) 412-9520
Joey McCutchen – Jimmie Cavin

Feel free to contact us at GO-AR for questions or concerns at:

You can view the proposed documents here:

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