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Meet Your Legislators Day 2023

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Thank you to everyone who attended the Capitol event ” Meet Your Legislator Day” January 9th. In spite of the acoustics in the Rotunda, the event had a huge impact with our Legislators. All of the Legislators that dropped by the meeting at the end said that they enjoyed the event and thanked all of you for taking the time to come to the capitol. Keep in mind that day was a very hectic day for them with all of the swearing in and other activities of the day.

We were very appreciative of Mr. Eric Pratt and Mr. Jordan K Stein of Gun Owners of America traveling here to join us for the day. Mr. Pratt spoke about all of the goings on in Washington DC and what GOA is doing in the huge battle for our gun rights in our nations capitol. 

We were glad to hear from Leah Blevins Herron of 2A Women about some of the things going on in their organization. We appreciate their support in our state.

We would like to give a special thanks to Rep. Bruce Cozart, Rep. John Maddox and Rep. Cameron Cooper and family that took the time to drop by the Committee Room and speak to those of you that attended. This is a grassroots effort and your attendance goes a long way in countering the influence of out of State lobbyist who only have their bottom-line at heart.

Y’all definitely made our job a lot easier.

Thank you

Gary Epperson

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