Sebastian County Prosecutor Will Not Seek Criminal Charges in Harris Case

Published:   Author Resident Press


  The Office of Sebastian County Prosecutor Daniel Shue announced on Friday, August 27, that his office will not be pursuing any charges against Hartford resident, Daniel Harris. Harris was arrested in Mansfield on Wednesday, August 4, for being in possession of firearms on school property.

  Police Chief Wayne Robb responded to the call of a suspicious person in the joint parking lot of Mercy Family Medicine and the Mansfield Elementary School, located at 100 N. Walnut Street. Upon arrival on scene, Robb made contact with a male subject and sought a consent for search. According to Robb, Harris was cooperative and agreeable to the search. That search led to the discovery of four firearms, a set of handcuffs, and a bulletproof vest.

  Harris, a Security Corporal at Choctaw Casinos and Resorts, was allegedly waiting inside the vehicle on a female he had brought to the clinic. The female reportedly alerted the staff that she was fearful because of the number of guns Harris had.

  The concealed handgun carry license holder was arrested on four charges of firearms possession on school property, class D felonies. He was transported to the Scott County Detention Center and booked in at 8:09 p.m. Following a hearing on Friday, August 6, Harris was released on $35,000 bond.

  Charges were pending in both Sebastian and Scott County. Following an investigation into allegations occurring in Sebastian County, the prosecutor’s office announced Friday that no criminal charges will be filed in this case. However, the case remains pending in Scott County. The office of Scott County Prosecutor, Tom Tatum, is aware of the investigation in Sebastian County, however, it is unclear whether or not the decision by Shue’s office will have any bearing on the case going forward in Scott County.

  The Scott County Prosecutor’s Office stated they have 60 days to file formal charges against Harris.

Everytown launches legal fund to support anti-gun violence lawsuits



   Everytown for Gun Safety on Wednesday announced the launch of a litigation fund aimed at supporting legal claims by survivors of gun violence. 

   Everytown Law, the legal division of the gun control advocacy group that is made up of lawyers working to advance gun safety measures through the court system, said in a press release that it hopes to “support legal action seeking to address the impact of gun violence on disproportionately affected communities, including Black, Latino, and other communities of color.” 

   The organization said that it will be devoting an initial commitment of $3 million to be allocated among an array of approved applications from small- and mid-sized law firms, solo practitioners and nonprofit legal projects. 

   Eric Tirschwell, managing director for Everytown Law, said in a statement that the fund is meant to support legal efforts that don’t already have backing from large national law firms. 

   “A lack of resources shouldn’t prevent gun violence survivors and their allies from holding reckless actors in the gun industry accountable,” Tirschwell argued. 

   “Where constitutional or other legal violations are contributing to gun violence, legal action may be the only remedy available,” he added. “Even as we make major strides through our own impact litigation, we see tremendous untapped potential to advance gun safety through the courts.” 

   According to its website, Everytown Law will accept and review applications on a rolling basis, with financial support being offered for litigation fees, costs of suit and, in certain cases, opportunities for mentorship assistance and co-counseling. 

   The money in the legal fund will be provided through the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, the advocacy organization said on its website. 

   Legal efforts that may be supported by the fund include claims filed by survivors of gun violence, unfair or deceptive marketing of guns and “lawsuits seeking to compel state and local officials to enforce gun safety laws,” the organization said. 

   The fund is just one of several efforts by Everytown in support of implementing stronger gun control measures, especially after the U.S. saw a surge in gun sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

   Several shootings across the country in the early months of 2021, including in Atlanta and Boulder, Colo., also reignited calls from the Biden administration and Democrats to reimpose a federal assault weapons ban and implement more stringent background check measures for gun purchases. 

   A nationwide assault weapons ban was previously put in place under former President Clinton’s administration, though multiple attempts by Congress to renew the legislation since it expired in 2004 have failed. 

   Last month, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund launched a $500,000 ad campaign urging Republicans to throw their support behind legislation expanding background checks on gun sales.

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