Gun owners of Arkansas is the author of SB 298

   Gun owners of Arkansas is the author of SB 298. As such, we fought hard to get it passed in both chambers of the legislature.
   Thank you Representative Brandt Smith and Senator Gary Stubblefield for carrying this vital legislation. Your courage is recognized by all Arkansans We were disappointed when the governor vetoed SB 298. We were proud of the Senate when they overrode that veto. Thank you to the senators who had the courage to stand for the people.
   When we discovered that the house probably would not override the veto, we worked into the wee hours of the morning, fighting to retain as much of the language of SB 298 in HB 1957 as possible. Gun Owners of Arkansas clawed and fought over every word with legislative leadership to retain the protections intended in SB 298. While we ultimately did not succeed in salvaging all of it, we were able to retain as many protections as possible given the makeup of the legislature and the governor's opposition. Representative Jeff Wardlaw was a key player in that negotiation process.
   Even as we were fighting to keep the language of SB 298, we were also fighting to ensure that the house would attempt to override the veto of governor Hutchinson. Ultimately, while we were not successful in getting an override vote, people were able to see the process, and judge for themselves thanks to the hard work of the many individuals of Gun Owners of Arkansas.
   SB 298 failed, but if you read HB 1957, you will see 90% of it retains the language of SB 298. It is certainly better legislation than the so called "Montana bill" recommended by the governor and others. Although we did not get a complete victory, thanks to the many members of Gun Owners of Arkansas, we were able to fight for the people of Arkansas. Hb1957 is not a bad bill. It's not as good as SB 298. Just know Gun Owners of Arkansas was fighting for your rights until the last minute.
   Your membership matters. Together, we have a voice. We will have a full legislative update in the coming days, and update you on the legislation we authored, what we fought for and against, and what this session will mean moving forward. Right now, we are tired boss, but we have only begun to fight.

Tim Loggains
Executive Vice President
Gun Owners of Arkansas